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Fifty Shames of Earl Grey - Fanny Merkin,  Andrew Shaffer This was a HILARIOUS parody of Fifty Shades of Grey, it nailed so much of the absurdity of that story!

In Fifty Shames of Earl Grey, Anna Steele is an airhead virgin college student who meets the bazillionaire stalker Earl Grey, and soon gets pulled into his sick and twisted world of BDSM - erotic role playing for Bards, Dragons, Sorcery and Magick.

This story pokes so much fun at all the whacked out parts of Fifty, including Ana's lip biting problem (now a nose picking problem that turns him on, lol!), the many over used phrases like his long fingers and eye gazing, the infamous 'contract' and tampon scenes, and of course the erotic sex he likes rough and kinky. It also pokes fun at fan-fiction, Dr Drew, E.L.James, and Twilight!!

OMG, I busted a gut listening to this book. (Thanks Tantor for the audiobook ARC!!) The laughs come so fast, I will need to re-listen to this as I am sure I missed a few while I was laughing so hard.

The audio book narration was also AWESOME. Allyson Ryan has a great voice and was able to pull of this kind of humor and parody. Her Anna was spot-on as a nitwit heroine, and her male voice for Grey sounded sooooo stalker-ish, LOL.

Highly recommended for a great laugh. :-) If you've read Fifty, and know a bit about the books history as Twilight fan-fic, you can't go wrong.

(Audio book ARC provided by Tantor. http://www.tantor.com/BookDetail.asp?Product=B0811_FiftyShames)

ETA: The author has the first three chapters on his blog. They are what sold me on wanting to read this story, well worth the quick read. http://www.evilreads.com/fifty-one-shades/