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Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash - Bev Pettersen >>>>UPDATE: 9/10 - This book is now FREE! I highly recommend it to contemporary romance fans. http://www.amazon.com/Thoroughbreds-Trailer-Trash-Contemporary-ebook/dp/B007PKUA7G%3FSubscriptionId%3D1GVBN9WWNVXC5DBPE502%26tag%3Dkiq-free-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3DB007PKUA7G <<<<<br/>
4.5 stars. This might be the best freebie I’ve read all year. Score!

Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash (love that name!) was a great heartfelt contemporary romance with some suspense, humor, and fun banter between the H/h. I loved how the steamy tension kept growing from a slow burn to a hot sizzle as the relationship between the H/h could no longer be denied. Oh, this was my kind of romance. The writing was top notch, the pacing kept me glued, and the characters all felt so real. I would have loved an epilogue, but that is because I felt so invested in their journey. I am hoping the author will write another story in this town (maybe Colin’s story?) so we get more about Derek Burke and Jenna Murphy.

The story is set in a small town of West Virginia, where newcomer wealthy businessman Derek Burke has taken over the Three Brooks Equine Center, a facility for horses to heal and get long term treatment. The facility has been poorly managed and employees are taking advantage of the center left and right. He immediately has a rough start with his new staff, but finds himself oddly intrigued with the local horse masseuse Jenna Murphy. She just stole a bag full of horse vitamins from his facility! But he soon realizes she is an expert at her job, loyal to the bone, and an asset to help him smooth the way with other employees. He finds himself drawn to this beautiful lady, who happens to live in a broken down trailer just down the road from his new digs -- the large estate owned by Three Brooks. What he doesn't know is she keeps a lot of secrets, including fudging her college training as a masseuse. New management requires a college degree, so her 11th grade education needed to be fudged in order to keep her job.

When Burke begins shaking up things at the facility, including not allowing locals to receive free or reduced price treatment, Jenna takes matters into her own hands. Her aging old pony Peanut needs treatment that only Three Brothers can provide, but since he is a two buck mangy steed without proper vaccinations Burke doesn’t want Peanut mingling with the clients horses. At first she could justify going against Burke, but as their relationship heats up she finds her loyalties splitting.

I loved this story so much, and I will read more by this author. I had a hard time guessing how they were going to get their HEA, but I was pleasantly surprised how the author wraps it up. And while the setting might be around a horse training and healing facility, the author doesn’t bash the readers over the head with endless and useless information about horses. If you love a good heartfelt contemporary romance with a light suspense twist, a believable romance, and some good dialogue this is a great book to try.