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Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts This was another really good romance suspense done Nora Roberts style. In all of her books she infuses so much about the characters life to paint a vivid picture of how they live and think, a device that can works great but sometimes consumes the story too much. In Chasing Fire the details about smoke jumping were fascinating, relevant, and not over done.

The heroine is the captain of a smoke jumper squad, a tough lady who takes her job of protecting her crew seriously. When a tragedy occurs, it begins to haunt her.

The story takes place a year later, when a hot new smoke jumper joins her team. He is fascinated by her, but respectful of her boundaries. They build a professional friendship, but there is no mistake that both want more. The romance had a nice, slow build up. so believable!

The suspense aspect was interesting, but highly predictible. Still, the story and characters were so engaging I didn't really mind. Someone was sabotaging the equipment of the jumpers, destroying property, and even commiting murder. As a reader, I thought it was easy to identify the bad guys, but I enjoyed how H/h put the pieces together to finally nail the perp. It was well thought out, and didn't rely on dumb luck.

There was also a sweet secondary romance with her dad, I liked him a lot so was happy for him to find love too.

The audiobook was well narrated too! I enjoyed listening to this narrator. If not for the predictibility of the bad 'guy', I would have rated this a bit higher.