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A Gentleman Undone (Blackshear Family, #2) - Cecilia Grant As much as I loved the first book in the series, this one almost became a DNF. I'm glad I stuck it through as it ended up being better than I feared, but it wasn't a win for me.

Why? This book includes a plot line that I particularly don't like: a courtesan as the heroine. But I love this author's writing and I had hoped she could make it work for me. Unfortunately, I really didn't care for the heroine, or about the romance.

Then there was the card playing. On...and on...and on. I struggled with boredom. Plus I really don't like that she is still sleeping with her protector while he is busy wooing her! That just isn't my thing. Courtesan stories are not my cuppa.

What did work for me was the hero, he was a wonderful guy with a real solid story i could relate too. So despite not liking this story i have to say the writing voice was amazing. I will read more by this author, definitely.