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The Devil You Know - Victoria Vane Loved it! In THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (book 3 of The Devil DeVere series) the plot thickens, the heat is turned way up, and --oh boy-- do the games begin. What a great spicy historical romance series!!

THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is also part 1 of a 2-part story featuring Viscount Ludovic, aka ‘The Devil DeVere’ and Lady Diana Palmerson-Wriotesley. (Book 4, THE DEVILS MATCH, is the conclusion to their extremely HOT and passionate romance.)

In this book we go back four years in time to learn how DeVere and Diana met, and exactly what transpired between them. As we learn in books 1 & 2, DeVere and Diana have a history and are practically enemies, but we don’t know what led up to their estrangement from each other. There is some mystery around her dead husband, and rumors that DeVere and Diana might have been lovers, and this book reveals all.

When I finished this book, I immediately started reading the next book. I couldn’t put it down until I was through. What happens between DeVere and Diana in this book was so unexpected for me. The DeVere we met in book 1 & 2 appeared to be quite shallow of character, devoid of morals, and lacking respect for anyone but himself and a few friends. Boy, was I wrong. The DeVere we meet in THE DEVIL YOU KNOW made me see a completely different side to him. I finally understood why a woman of character like Lady Diana could find herself irresistibly drawn to him.

But this is only the beginning of their story. THE DEVILS MATCH takes us back to ‘present time’ for the series, and is where DeVere wins his Diana back. Sigh