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The Devil's Match - Victoria Vane 5+! Holy smokes, this series is so amazingly good! I glommed all four books. And while I really enjoyed book 1 & 2, it turns out they were just the warm up act for book 3 & 4. With each book the plot thickens, the heat gets hotter and hotter, and twists and turns came faster and faster. If you’re a fan of spicy, erotic historical romances, I couldn’t recommend this series enough.

THE DEVILS MATCH (book 4 of The Devil DeVere series) is the conclusion to Lord DeVere and Lady Diana’s story. (If you haven’t read THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, please go back and read it first!) This story takes readers back to the ‘current time’ for the series, and begins where book 2 left off: DeVere and Diana are bitter enemies with a sordid past. Only now we know the full extent of their history and passion for one another, and we can see their situation from a much different perspective.

DeVere and Diana are both god parents to Vesta Chambers, Ned’s 18 y/o daughter and heroine of book 2. When Hew and Vesta’s wedding is moved to the country and near a major race, DeVere and Diana make a wager on whose horse will win. And what does the winner get? I won’t spoil it, but you can only image what a man nicknamed ‘devil’ would do to get a woman he once thought he loved back in his life and bed.

The passion between these two crackled and sizzled. As much of their muddied past becomes clearer and clearer, the walls built between theme slowly erode. Oh, I loved watching these two fight their passion. Yum!

The last half of this book was just pure erotic heaven!! I mean HOT, HOT, HOT!! These were some well written sex scenes; full of passion, chemistry, heat and emotion.

Lastly, I have to say how glad I am that the author told their story in the manner she did; with their past story told in one book, then their current story told in another. I am not a fan of the back-and-forth storytelling as it can be very jarring to follow two stories at one time. So thank you Ms Vane for writing it this way, it was utterly delicious and built so much anticipation for this final book! I had a blast reading this series.