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Pride & Passion - Charlotte Featherstone 4.5++ Oh, I loooooove a good 'unrequited love' romance book, and this one had that big time. Sigh. This was one of the better ones too. And it was the HERO who was unrequited!! How often do we get to read this kind of romance?!

This is a book I would call low to mid on the angsty scale, which means the story focuses on the very pleasant and oh-so-romantic aspect of the H/h. There is some angst and drama though, it just doesn't hit you over the head. Not at all.

Why not 5-stars? (Cause at times this was a big 6++ stars) I will say that his dialogue got a bit 'syrupy sweet' or flowery' for my personal taste when he started to gush his love and devotion toward the end, but I totally understood and believed this character would do/act/say just this way. He was in love with a person for years (and believably so!), who thought him a prig and rejected him. Oh man, did I route for him!!

The intimate scenes were really well done, I think, but I'll be really honest - they came at points where the story was SO INTERESTING that I skimmed the sex scenes just to get back to the story. I know what most of you are thinking , and it's one crazy complaint to say 'hey, your REALLY hot sex scenes interrupted a great part of the story!!' but for me, that's what it was.

I didn't read book 1 of this series, but it wasn't necessary. This book stood very well on it's own.

Lastly, I have to say this book has a HUGE HOOK to get you to read the next book. There is a secondary story, obviously the H/h of the next book, and the ending(ish) had me on pins and needles to read more. Well done.

This was my first book by Charlotte Featherstone, and DEFINITELY not the last.