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A Game Of Chance - Linda Howard 3.5 - A good ending to the MacKenzie Mountain family saga by Linda Howard.

This is Chance's story, the adopted young man who lived on the streets, nearly wild, until Wolf and Mary adopted him at the age of 14. Now a grown man and a former Army Ranger, Chance is working undercover on a mission to bring down a known terrorist. After discovering that his enemy has a beautiful daughter, he sets a plan of seduction into motion to find out just what she knows.

Sunny wants to avoid captures from her father, and she also has a sister that she protects, so as a result she has spent her entire life on the run. When a random meeting with a handsome pilot offers her a chartered flight to Seattle, she doesn't think twice. But when the airplane goes down in a remote area due to faulty fuel pump, her life takes on a new meaning for her. Chance is pure temptation, and under the circumstances she sees no reason to refuse him.

I enjoyed this steamy romance, but will admit I wasn't impressed with Chance's tactics of using Sunny. While it was clear he had emotions for her and he really was a good guy, his mission to extract information from her using seduction was his highest priority. The lies roll of his lips, and she doesn't suspect a thing.

When Sunny discovers his deception, I guess I wanted more groveling and fighting. The resolution was pretty quick, but it was still very sweet and sexy. The suspense action toward the end of the book was also exciting, and it wasn't easy to predict. I liked that. I also enjoyed seeing Wolf and Mary again, plus the rest of the brothers and their children.

This wasn't my favorite of the series, but I was happy to have more. It made for a nice romance read, albeit I had to stretch my beliefs at times. I listened to it on audio, and I enjoy the narration too.