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Now You See Her - Linda Howard ME: Hey, this is just like Fifty-Shades of Grey!!

YOU: Noooo, seriously?!!

ME: Yes, really!!

I know, I know… It seems as if EVERY book these days is being compared to the Fifty phenomenon. But to me, Fifty is just recycled material and this book is yet more proof. Romance authors have been writing about super sexy, powerful, rich billionaires with an obsessive streak for a ‘mousy’ heroine for YEARS! Tortured heroes? Also been done, done, and done. But somehow if you toss in more salty language, make the sex scenes a bit more ‘kinky’ (cough, cough **period sex **cough, cough), and ramp up the angst some people might believe it’s brand-spanking (pun intended) new.

The romance suspense by Linda Howard Now You See Her was written 10-years ago, and features a remarkably handsome gazillionaire Richard Worth obsessively falling for the innocent, mousy-but-sexy heroine Paris Sweeney. Kabam! I am talking HOT connection, insta’ lust, and quivering body parts. Richard is well endowed, bedroom savvy, and only has eyes for his heroine. (Sound familiar??)

Richard is separated from a cheating wife, and mourning the loss of their unborn child. An ex-Army Ranger, he is not a man to mess with. The divorce proceedings suddenly get complicated quickly when he wants to ‘fuck’ (his word!) Sweeney NOW. He is obsessed with having her. And she wants him too! But… not until he is a single man who can offer her more.

Sweeney has a special gift; she can see ghosts. After meeting Richard her paranormal gift manifests into her sleep walking and painting murder scenes of actual murders. Turns out Richard's soon-to-be ex is pissing all kinds of people off, and (surprise, surprise! NOT) ends up murdered. And Sweeney has been slowly painting the death scene over the last several nights. Now someone wants to kill her! But not if Richard can help it. He will protect his woman at all costs.

I won’t tell you more of the plot, but I can say the Fifty storyline is nothing new folks. There are of course a lot plot differences as well, but many of the main plot points are strikingly similar. And since many books with less similarities are being compared, I think we also can also throw this one on that huge pile.

While Richard didn’t want to hurt Sweeney for his own pleasures, and there isn’t any period sex (thank GOD!), it is hardly the first romance book to feature an obsessive and horny hot billionaire stalking/pursuing a sexy-but-mousy heroine who will resist him until it drives him mad with want.

Just saying, that's all. Your mileage may vary.

While this isn’t my favorite Linda Howard book, it is a solid romance suspense classic. Several months ago I picked this up at an Audible sale knowing that it’s hard to go wrong with a book by Linda Howard – and I was right. 9 1/2 listening hours well spent.