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The Virgin Huntress - Victoria Vane Vesta Chambers, Ned’s pampered and spoiled 18 y/o daughter from book 1 in this series, is now in London for her come out in hopes of finding a husband. She is accompanied by her godmother Lady Diana, a beautiful widow who once thought she might marry Ned. Since Lord DeVere, Ned's best friend and enemy to Diana, decides to avoid/delay his responsibility as Godfather to Vesta, his younger brother, Captain Hewett DeVere, takes on the role of seeing these two ladies about town. And while Hew sets his eyes on Diana, Vesta wants him all for herself and will go to great lengths to have him.

My Thoughts:
I am enjoying this series quite a bit, and will continue through (can't wait to get to Lord DeVere and Diana's story!), but I had some trouble with this one. Namely, the heroine and her plot to secure Hew as her husband was a bit much for me. I am not a big fan of spoiled and naive heroines, especially when it includes irresponsible machinations to secure her love interest. The difference between Vesta and Hew were huge, and I simply didn't see them as a plausible romantic couple.

However, there was still a lot of fun and delicious aspects to this story. The writing is stellar, and despite the crazy fast plotting of the lead romance, I couldn't help but stay glued to the story. I really liked Hew as a character, but I wish he would have pursued a lady more mature minded like Diana. I also enjoyed the bit of time we get between Lord DeVere and Diana. Oh, their story promises to be good.