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How to Marry a Duke - Vicky Dreiling This one surprised me. I only read/listened to it because Audible.com had it on their $5 sale, but I ended up really enjoying much more than I thought. I mean, come on, a historical spoof of the TV show 'The Bachelor'? Really? OK, it was a stretch -- a big stretch, in fact -- but regardless I found myself sucked into the story and routing for the H/h.

I think what really worked for me is how much I liked the lead hero and heroine, as well as some of the secondary characters. The H/h had great chemistry and I fully believed in their attraction and romance. The ending was arguably over the top (a bit) but I did shed a few tears of happiness for the couple. It was touching, and it worked for me!

What didn't work so well was the competition to win the Duke via a Bachelor type competition where young ladies are let go a few at a time. It just didn't ring plausible in this historical setting, but once I let my disbelief go I found it entertaining. The final conflict toward the end was also weak, I didn't think they faced nearly the challenge to be together as they assumed.

The heat level was also a bit low for my taste, this one ranging on the mild side (G to PG). That will likely work well for other readers, as we all have our own taste when it comes to the bedroom scenes. Personally, I like it with a bit more heat.

I am glad I read this one, and if her next book shows up on audio I will get it too. The reader/narrator did a great job.

3.5 stars