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On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young 5 big stars! ON DUBLIN STREET is easily one of the best books I read all year!!! I was blown away by this story.

What started off as just another typical girl-meets-boy type romance story, ended up being so much more. The emotions I went through reading this was a roller-coaster ride. I cried, laughed, screamed, swooned, worried, and even got pissed off. I wanted to shake Joss at times, and tell her to let go and just trust Braden. But it was her story, and she had a lot to overcome. In the end, I was a wreck of emotions. And I absolutely loved it.

Joss suffered some great tragedies in her young life, first with the deaths of her family and then later a best friend. Realizing her life was spinning out of control, Joss relocated herself from the United States to Scotland where she completed her college education. She got her panic attacks under control. Now a graduate, she hopes to become a writer. When circumstances require her to move and find a new roommate, she finds a beautiful place on Dublin Street and a great roommate named Ellie.

Braden and Joss first meet when sharing a taxi cab, and then later she realizes the hot guy is her roommates older brother. The attraction between them sizzles, but he has a girlfriend and Joss is not interested in a relationship. She is just too scarred from some past mistakes of her own, and not ready to get close with a guy.

Joss and Ellie become fast friends, despite Joss’s reluctance. There is something about Ellie that makes people just like her, and Joss finds herself opening up for the first time in years. Her friendship with Ellie is just one part of this story that I so admired. It was important for Joss to learn to trust and to allow herself to become close to others.

Joss has a part-time job bartending at a local pub, which brings in more fun characters. Braden, Ellie and their mutual friends tend to stop in when she’s working just to say hello. In time, Joss begins to hang out with the gang when she has time off. The attraction between Braden and Joss continues to grow, and soon she learns he has broken it off with his girlfriend.

Braden is one of the BEST romantic heroes I have read in a long, long time! He is such a complex person. We watch him try to understand his own attraction to Joss. He wants her physically with a passion, but he also wants her heart. He wants her trust. He simply just wants her -- completely. His devotion to her was swoon worthy stuff!! And boy, can the man talk dirty!! Yummmmmm!!!

The romance story starts off as a rocky one, but the heat is turned up to SIZZLE! I loved these two together. But when things seemed to finally work between them, unexpected news hits that shatters their fragile relationship. It nearly broke my heart!

The only bit I can complain about is that Joss did get a bit annoying at times, but it was absolutely understandable considering her past. She sees a therapist to help with panic attacks, and we learn much about her progress through her sessions. Her recovery is slow but steady, and I enjoyed watching her come to terms with her past so she can embrace her present and future.

There was just soooo much to like in this book! It's the kind of story that sticks with you for a long, long time. What started off as a simple story grew into something very deep and complex. ON DUBLIN STREET was so much more than just a hot, sexy romance. The character development, especially between Braden and Joss, was so well done. And Ellie and the rest of the gang were great fun to read about too. The ending was so pitch perfect and realistic. I seriously recommend this to any romance contemporary fans who like some meaty stories. This was not a fluffy romance read, not by a mile.