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Moonglow - Kristen Callihan Well done! A great sequel to Firelight. I think I enjoyed this one even more. It too had a dark gothic feel with an interesting mystery plot, but the romance between Ian and Daisy surpassed my expectations. They worked so well as a couple.

I'm not a huge fan of PNR, especially shape-shifters, but this one worked for me. When Ian steps in to protect Daisy from a mad werewolf on the prowl killing innocent victims, the connection between these two was smoldering. He was such a passionate man, and I loved how their relationship heated up early in the story.

Many twists are revealed, which brings layers upon layers to the story. Daisy has the ability to communicate with plants, Ian reveals much about his past, and the ending was something I couldn't possibly predict!!

This was a tightly woven, complex and passionate PNR historical romance. I think fans of gothic romances will particularly love this series.

ARC copy provided through Netgalley.com