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Fans of The Sopranos or mafia and crime dramas will especially enjoy this one. It definitely read more like a crime drama and not so much a romance, but there was definitely a burning chemistry between the H/h too.

Set in the NY City area, the story focuses on bringing down some of the worst organized criminals. The story includes the most unlikely H/h romance you can imagine: he’s a federal agent that investigates sex crimes, and she is a former high priced call girl.

The bad guys get plenty of screen time in this story. It was interesting to see them plan and operate, which is why I think fans of the TV show The Sopranos would enjoy this one. The suspense was a bit predictable, but it really kept me interested. The mysterious death of a call girl early in the book was easy to guess, so I wasn’t the bit surprised when the bad guy was revealed and the plot thickened.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed a former call girl as the heroine, but she was great. Tawny was smart, witty, and sincere. She never apologizes for her past, but is certain it will not be her future. Although she is forced to help the Feds bring down an organized sex ring, she was never their puppet.

Linc was a solid good guy too, but not so perfect he can’t resist all temptation. Tawny drives him mad with desire, but if they are going to work together he needs to keep it professional. He learns to respect her despite her past, and you know he will never be the same person again. Together they make each other better people, which made their eventual HEA totally believable.

I knew this wasn't going to be an erotic read, but I had hopes that this would be some good steamy scenes, so I have to say I was a bit disappointed in that department. It started off with great sizzling chemistry with plenty of sexual tension, but that faded out as the crime aspect took more center stage.

The sexual tension and desire between the H/h blooms into a strong emotional bond which was great to experience, but unfortunately that initial heat level faded out. Oddly, the bad guys get more sexual play in the story than our hero, which is why I would classify this one as a crime suspense drama and not a true romance suspense novel.

While I did feel the story was long winded in several places and could have benefited by some editing cuts to shorten a few areas, overall this was a great crime drama with a romance element. IT was fast paced, the H/h had great chemistry, and the suspense elements were dark and seedy.

As a crime suspense novel, it deserves a solid 4-stars. But as a romantic suspense novel, it’s closer to a 3 star read.