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Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha BEYOND SHAME was certifiably, 100% pure-grade NAUGHTY! Yowzer!!


I knew this was going to be a spicy, erotic read but OMG I did NOT expect THIS. By 30%, my eyes were coming out of my head. By 70% I was afraid of combusting into flames. Or should I say cum-busting!:-O

I picked this up because I was interested in the dystopian storyline, and I was all for a little spice. What I got was one of the hottest, dirtiest, naughtiest books I've ever read! I am still trying to process - what did I just read?!!

The story starts when Noelle has been exiled from Eden, the city where the rich, spoiled and elite citizens live. After Jasper rescued her from a would-be attacker, she is now in sector 4 trying to piece her life back together. Sec 4 is an area ruled by a vigilante group led by Dallas OKane. We learn quickly that Noelle's sin that got her tossed out of Eden was her desire for a mans touch and to be bad. Very bad. After being caught drinking alcohol and 'fornicating' with a boy, she was forced out with nothing but the clothes on her back.

Noelle believes she is a shameful bad girl, but soon discovers that her sexual desires are not considered wrong and taboo in sector 4. In fact, she is surprised to find that exploring ones sexual freedom is quite acceptable and considered normal. Jasper takes her under his protection, and along with her new friend Lexie, she soon discovers more then she ever thought she truly desired.

There is A LOT of sexual exploration and discovery, and will take the reader through quite a journey.Whew!!! This is not a m/f only romance, which is what I am used to reading. It is more along the lines of a m/f/f/m, m/f/m, and then toss in some voyerism, BDSM, and a whole lot of dirty talk (and I do mean dir-tay talk!) and you start to get an idea.

To my surprise, the dystopian storyline never dissipates. Seriously, there is actually a storyline too!! And it's not half bad. Sector 4 is feuding with Sector 3, and Eden is trying to undermine progress made outside of its gates. We see Dallas, Jas, Ace and other members of the sector 4 in action as they try to keep peace and safety for their people. There is a fair amount of interesting world building, and I can easily see this developing into a popular series.

My only niggle was the portrayal of Noelle, and to some extend women in general. I know, I know...it's a sex book where fantasy and not reality rules. I get that. But Noelle was a very naive, trusting person who allowed Jasper and Lexie to easily sway her without question into trying more and more sexual experiences. While this was quite hot, the niggle for me was how much it heavily plays on the typical male fantasy stereotype of women being owned and led by men. In this context, it is a minor point as the author does a great job of making us believe these women have full control of everything. And, after all, this is a naughty book all about sexual fantasy! So just know that the society is very much a male dominated world.

Lastly, I think men would also really love this book. If Fifty Shades was 'mommy porn', then this book could easily be 'daddy porn'. If that works into your fantasy, and I think for BDSM fans it will, then you'll fully enjoy this one.

ARC copy provided through Netgalley.com