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Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12) - Kresley Cole Oct 20th, re-reading... Loooooove Lothaire!! Such a fun book.
Loved it! I mean, Who the HELL decided to pair the zillionaire wealthy and half-mad evil vampire Lothaire -- complete with a wicked dry sense of humor and a snobby God-like complex -- with a dirt-poor, barefooted, Appalachian hillbilly girl who is possessed by an evil Goddess, lives in a broken down trailer with her redneck family, and enjoys ‘parking’ for some good ol’ dry humping action?!

Hoooooey!! Hands out to Kresley Cole, cause this was just an unexpected and delicious F’N fun book to read! Cole is one of the most talented PNR authors out there, and this book is one of her best yet.

Could this be Elizabeth's favorite uncle Ephraim? LOL!

>>My mostly spoiler free recap with some of the highlights:

The beeeyotch Saroya, Soul Reaper and Goddess of Death and Blood, was cursed to die over and over while she possessed the lives of mortals not of her choosing. Finding herself pleasantly pleased to be in the body of Elizabeth Peirce, a young beauty living in the remote Appalachian mountains, she contrives with Lothaire to extract Ellie’s (Elizabeth) soul and turn her into an immortal vampire. Separately, Lothaire believes the Ring of Sums, a talisman that grants wishes, is the key to separating his bride from the vile human also inhabiting her body.

If you’ve read the series up to this point, you know that Lothaire has been frantically searching for the ring for a long time, finally stealing it from the finger of the sorceress La Dorada, aka The Gilded One, and a particularly treacherous adversary of Saroya’s. And… that he most recently lost the ring to the Commander Webb, the evil leader of the human faction known as The Order, upon his escape from island that held many immortals prisoners.

Lothaire frantically takes up his search for the ring, meanwhile imprisoning Elizabeth/Saroya to keep them safe from his adversaries. Lothaire also plots and prepares to extract revenge for his mother’s death and gain the thrones of two Kingdoms: Dacia and the Horde. And in a fun game of Tit for Tat, both Elizabeth and Saroya try to convince Lothaire that they are his intended bride, not the other one.

We see many characters here too! Yeah! We learn more about Balery, aka The Hag, as she helps Lothaire with her sorcery skills. Thaddeus Brayden, a 17 year old vampire/phantom Halfling who claims to be Lothaire’s only friend, makes a fun appearance too. And of course the Valkyrie ladies show up to flaunt their stuff, and Nix both dazzles and confuses us with her brilliance. (LOVE HER!) We learn more about Dorada too, and see that she is now regenerating into the beautiful woman she was once.

As you expect from any IAD book, the sexual tension goes OFF THE CHARTS! Holy Mother of Elvis, this book was SIZZLING HOT. When Ellie decides to show Lothaire what it is like to ‘go parking’, I about laughed myself silly. Lothaire and Ellie are two of the most opposite hero and heroine’s I think I’ve ever read, but THEY WORK. OMG, do they work. His condescending comments about her redneck life were priceless, and her ability to go toe-to-toe with him only drove him more deliriously mad.

If you haven’t started this series, you are really missing out! Bottom line, they are HOT, HILLARIOUS, BRILLIANT and FUN reads. The world building is so well done, few authors could even compare to Ms Cole, IMHO.