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Iced - Karen Marie Moning Really enjoyed it, KMM never fails to entertain me. What an imagination! Dani was a riot too, I loved her despite her only being 14 y/o. (It's not a YA book though, she's just a young character very much in an adult world.) I had some strong issues about Dani's age and the romantic/sexual references made toward her, but the core story was solid good.

Dani at 14: A girl or a woman?
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Something is randomly icing areas around Dublin (and further out), and there doesn't appear to be anyway to track its next move. It is leaving many dead - humans and Fae alike. So Ryoden solicits (blackmails?!) Dani to help investigate, and soon others join in too.

We meet Dancer, Dani's new 17 y/o guy friend, a human with a brilliant scientific mind. Christian is back, and he's only focused on Dani. He must protect her, but from what? He is turning dark Fae, but still has some human in him. Kat is now in charge at the abby, but having Cruse imprisoned in the catacombs below proves to be her greatest challenge. Jo (from the abby) finds herself employed at Chesters, Ryoden's club, and becomes a big part of the investigation as well.

The story takes time weaving all the plot lines together, which at first appear random and separate. Dani visits Fae, Christian struggles with turning Fae, Ryonden obsesses over Dani's safety, the abby struggles with an IFP (inter-dimensional fairy pothole?), Dancer mysteriously comes and goes, Jo forms a surprising crush, a new club of crusaders offer peace and protection, and of course more horrible Fae monsters are new to Dublin. The ending pulls everything together for a final spectacular showdown.

Unlike the Fever series, this one does not end with a major cliffhanger. There are a few teasers to wet your appetite for the next book (and I can't wait!), but the main story here is wrapped up. There are some story lines that will certainly continue as well. We see very little Mac and Barrons in this one.

At this point, I have NO CLUE who will be Dani's hero. I assume Ryoden, but... maybe not. ICED is told from three POVs: Dani, Kat and Christian. Dani gets the vast majority of it, but we learn quite a bit more through Kat and Christians own stories.

I absolutely enjoyed this one, and thought Dani was a great character to base the next few books around. But there were some strong niggles. The several suggestive sexual innuendos towards Dani by Ryadon and Christian felt completely inappropriate, and it was probably my biggest sticking point from giving this one a 5-star rating. (They were mild, I guess, but still made me cringe a time or two. I get that the gray lady gave her some shine and curves, but she is still just a 14 y/o girl!) SPOILER: The part where she is dressed in a tight catholic school girl uniform - the official waitress uniform for Chesters - really pushed me the most. Young girls as a sex object is a crazy pet peeve for me, no matter how the author sugarcoats it, or even if it is in context with the storyline.

Despite my few niggles, I really enjoyed this one! I can't wait to see what is next, but I do hope Dani ages quickly in the next. This story worked great as UF, but there is no romance element as of yet since Dani is still only 14.