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Release Me - J. Kenner DNF. I made it 25% in, but nothing about this story was grabbing me. It is clearly trying to be a knock-off of the Fifty Shades and Crossfire series.

Damian is a bazillionaire hottie with an obsession for the sexy 24 y/o Texas college graduate Nikki; an obsession that apparently goes back many years. They only met briefly once 6 years ago, then again at a swanky party in LA California. They immediately start circling and sniffing each other like dogs in heat, spewing pithy and cliche comments at each and exchanging heated glares from across the room. We get a few glimpses into their past, and you can see the groundwork being set up that tells us both Damian and Nikki have dark and damaged pasts. And they are both jealous types, the claws are already coming out.

She provokes him to a jealous streak by talking/walking with her BFF (who happens to be a hot guy). Nikki over thinks every bit of every word said between them (this is excruciatingly told in first person), then after a bunch of hot/cold "I want you" and "I don't want you!" pithy comments, they confess how turned on they are for each other and start making out.

But wait... that would be too straight forward. Remember, this is a Fifty Shades knock-off. So Damian wants Nikki to call him 'sir' and take commands from him. He loves the fact that she wore painful shoes, cause it means she can handle some pain. Nikki's inner dialogue reminded me so much of the Fifty series, with a lot of "Oh, my!" "Gasp!" and so forth.

So this is where I exit stage left. I can't read anymore of this. The dialogue was cheesy and the plot border-lined on absurd. I wasn't feeling any chemistry between the H/h, their attraction felt contrived. I didn't like Fifty Shades but I love the Crossfire series, so I gave it a chance. Didn't work for me.

ARC copy provided by the publisher through Netgalley