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On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves Awesome, wow, what a great book this turned out to be! It's one of the few 'hyped' books I've read lately that really live up to the hype.

At first I really wasn't sure about it. The book description didn't sound like my cuppa, and in a way it wasn't, but the author really made this one work and made me a believer.

Seriously, don't shy away from this one! Yes, there is a whopping age difference between the H/h, with the heroine being the older of the two. 13 1/2 years actually, but by the time the romance happens they were both equal in all ways important: two fully grown adults living alone with the barest resources for their creature comfort and survival, and no longer believing in ever joining the real world again. Under those circumstances, the romance really worked.

The author never cheapens the romance either, it is of the heart and not meant to just titillate the reader. Nothing smutty or milf'y about it. Just an odd but beautiful love.

This story is a self published indie book, so yes it has some rough spots. But the author will quickly suck you into the story with her writing. This entire story is told from both the hero and heroine's POV. It switches off from her first-person accounts, to his first-person accounts, and back and forth. LOVED IT!!

There was so much to enjoy in this book. Great chemistry and characters, loved the survival aspect, and no sugar coating their dire situation. It made an emotional and gripping read. Oh boy did I cry in a few places too!

Thanks everyone who recommended it!!