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Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks Maya Banks is quickly becoming my favorite author of Highlander/Medieval romances. NEVER SEDUCE A SCOT was another winner. It was a sexy, sweet highlander romance between enemy clans. While it was a bit predictable in places, I really didn’t care. The story kept me glued, the characters were endearing, and the romance was swoon worthy.

Forced to marry by the king’s proclamation, Eveline Armstrong and Graeme Montgomery meet just one day before their own wedding. Graeme will respect the king’s wishes, but he has no intention of making Eveline a wife in truth. He will not have the enemy’s daughter be the mother of his children.

Shortly after they wed, he realizes the rumors about her being ‘touched’ in the head were a lie. She is deaf, not stupid. She can read lips and communicate just fine. And she has a sweet side that Graeme is very attracted to.

His clan has trouble accepting his new bride, now his wife in truth. Someone is also trying to start a war between the Armstrong and Montgomery clans, which puts both of their lives at risk.

There was some great action toward the end, but for most of the book the story is focused on Graeme and Eveline getting to know each other. We learn much about his clan, and meet his brothers (who will have their own stories too)! It was a sweet romance. Graeme was not a dark alpha type hero you normally read about it Highlander/Medieval romances.

This was a great start to a new series. It was a bit predictable, but I still recommend it for a fun read. I will definitely read the next, can’t wait. If you like sexy highlander romances, but want a book where the hero isn’t a brooding alpha type, this is a great choice.