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Lumberjack In Love - Penny Watson >>>>WOO HOO! UPDATE-- this is FREE today at Amazon!! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0097T6OGE

This was so much fun to read! LUMBERJACK IN LOVE is a great sizzling hot and funny contemporary romance set in a small town in Vermont.

Marcus & Ami

This short story packs quite a bit into it. Ami and Marcus are well developed characters, who at first appear to be as opposite as day and night. She a city gal; he a woodsman "lumberjack" that prefers the country. But quickly we see an attraction burning between them, and their flirting was just so fun to read. When things heated up - and I mean HEATED UP! - I thought Marcus might well be the most perfect man and Ami the luckiest lady alive. (Yum!)

The town folks congregate at a local general store, where we meet several other fun characters. Ami misses the good coffee and wine found in the big city, but she is falling in love with the people here. When a career changing opportunity gives her a chance to stay, she doesn't know what to do. Marcus, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to convince her to stay.

The lumberjack jokes were fast and frequent, and kept me laughing. The chemistry between Ami and Marcus sizzled, and despite them being so opposite it was easy to believe that these two belonged together. There were some great scenes, very original.

In summary, Lumber Jack in Love was a HOT, funny, small town romance with great chemistry and quirky characters. It has an opposites attract theme that I also love. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a great `feel good' steamy romance read.

Note: the author Penny has been an online friend of mine for years, and I love to chat romance books with her. But she did not ask me to read or review her book, I am simply a big fan of her writing. And this is the best book she's written yet