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Charade - Nyrae Dawn 3.5 stars. I liked it, but no "OMG!" gushing here folks. Charade is a quick YA-M read with some emotional twists that will guarantee to make you cry at the end, but the romance and relationship was pretty standard fare. Fans of angst-filled college life stories with some steamy parts, some family life drama, and a budding romance between two opposite types will enjoy this one.

There was an odd generic simplicity with the story, which didn't bother me too much but it did leave me wanting to know more about these people and their lives. Nothing seemed to have full names and identities. None of the characters had last names, the college name was unspecified, the town and state was unspecified and could be Anywhere, USA. Even Colt's mothers cancer type was unspecified. She just had cancer. The coffee shop was just that - the coffee shop. And so forth.

Cheyenne catches her boyfriend of two-years, Greg, in bed with another girl, Red, which triggers her to lie about having another guy interested in her. Colt, a tattooed college junior, and Greg are fast enemies. When Cheyenne witnesses a confrontation between these two, she approaches him with a game plan of Charades. This is meant to sooth her ego more than it is to make Greg jealous. Colt refuses at first, but later agrees. Cheyenne and Colt start off on a rocky path and many small fights occur, but in no time the game of Charades fades away and it becomes something real.

Despite the generic tone of the story, it did have a surprising amount of depth (but I would have liked more!) We might not learn their last names or even what town they live in, but we learn enough about their personal lives to believe in these two. Their family lives are center to the story, and it will absolutely tug at your heart.

The romance moved pretty fast, despite being fresh out of a two year relationship. The ex-boyfriend Greg was a bit of an anomaly. He didn't have much of a role except to incite problems every few chapters. Colt was probably the best part of this story, I think we learn the most about him and see him go through the most emotional angst. The bad-boy who doesn't want to get serious finds his match with Cheyenne.

I did enjoy this one, but wasn't blown away. The romance took time to warm up and make me believe that these two really cared for each other, but by the end I was convinced. There is a secondary story between Colt and his mother which was quite tender, and IMO it out shined the main romance story between him and Cheyenne.