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Perfection (Neighbor from Hell #2) - R.L. Mathewson Oh, I loved it! Another really funny, over-the-top, steamy HOT Neighbor From Hell romance. IMHO, this was just as good (if not a wee bit better) than Playing for Keeps.

Trevor wants the PERFECT WIFE:

So Trevor is a typical Bradford male, a guy who is completely full of himself and darn right clueless about women, but who is also considerate (when he tries), loyal and sexy as hell. He could eat you out of house and home, but he is also a hard worker and a devoted family guy who will be there for you in a pinch.

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Zoe shares a town-home with her landlord’s nephew, a converted building where the top and bottom half are their own units. The walls are thin, the driveway small, but the rent is cheap. And the guy living upstairs is going to drive her insane! So when he steels her pizza delivery on the same day she lost her job and her car window broke, she lets him know what a terrible neighbor he is – only to find out he owns the building (and is her real landlord) and is the biggest jerk alive.


Feeling like a total cad for insulting Zoe’s weight problem and making her run away crying, he goes about trying to make amends. He helps her get a job at the Bradford’s construction site as the office manager, offers to repair her car, and even offers her a part time job working as his personal shopper and house cleaner. Keeping the refrigerator full might just be the hardest part of her job.


But as Zoe starts to get her life back on track, and is even losing weight, she can’t help but feel lonely. And horny. Really horny! So could she really do a friends-with-benefits with her hot neighbor? Why not.



My final thoughts
This was such a great addition to the Neighbors From Hell series. I can't wait for the next. I loved Trevor and Zoe, even when he was being a jerk and she was pushing his buttons, they really worked for me. They were smoking hot together too, and I really felt the sexual tension between them. It kept me laughing until the end, and the ending made me a believer in these crazy Bradford guys.

I think why I might like this one a bit more than Playing For Keep is that Trevor wasn't quite as obnoxious as Jason, and I could relate to so many of their situations. Zoe's weight problem was a big part of this story, and with that comes a woman who doesn't feel beautiful or worthy of a hot guy like Trevor. It does take him a while to see past her weight issue, but I liked that he got to know her as a person first anyway. As he fell for her as a person, his opinion of her body morphed into total desire and wild lust. I also enjoyed the ending in Perfection too as it wasn't overly angsty like in PFK. When he decided Zoe was going to be his, he holds nothing back. You have to love a guy who is willling to go to such lengths for the woman he loves. Sigh

We also get to see lots more of Jason, Haley and their little rug rats!

Look! A baby Bradford, ready to chow down:

Perfection was...well, perfection. :-)