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Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder FALLING INTO YOU is a dark, steamy, sexy NA romance that aims for heart, punches you in the gut, and then, finally, lifts your spirits sky high.

The very first sentence sets the powerful tone for the entire book:
"I wasn't always in love with Colton Calloway; I was in love with his younger brother, Kyle, first."
It only took reading that single sentence to convince me to read this book, as I couldn't help but wonder about the brothers and what went wrong. And, what went right.

This is Nell's story, but it is told over several years and through the alternating POVs of Nell and Colton. For Nell and Colton, survival is about learning how to live life on their own terms, and not through the dreams their parents wished for them as young children. When life crushed their spirits, and their young dreams faded away, pain became their welcomed friend. Emotionally and physically.

With this odd connection, Nell and Colton truly understand each other. Through the shared love of music and guitar, they find a friendship and eventually a love that allows them to finally deal with their past.

I was surprised how much I liked these two characters together. Fundamentally they were so different, but by the end of the book I couldn't imagine them apart. And for an NA book, this was very steamy. In fact, I would probably call this a straight adult romance. These two burned up a lot of pages! (This author can write some hot steamy scenes. Whew!)

My issues with the book were small, and they mostly focused around Nell. I did like her and I understood her issues, but I also had to remind myself often that she was young so don't expect her to act like a mature adult. At least not yet. She was an over-thinker and made some questionable choices, which got a bit dramatic for my personal tastes.

Colton was a well developed and awesome hero character. For me, he is what made this book so special. He had a rare mix of strength and sensitivity; he was rough and tough but not in a Neanderthal kind of way. He wrote beautiful lyrics, words straight from his heart and soul. But he was fierce and could survive street fighting and protect those around him.

FALLING INTO YOU will remind you that life rarely turns out as one expects when they are young, but you can still hope for love and a chance that something special will come of it. And who knows, you might even surpass your wildest dreams.

((Thanks my GR Friends for the recommendation! Without your reviews, I would have missed this little gem.))