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To Wed a Wild Lord  - Sabrina Jeffries 3.5 stars. An enjoyable read, and possibly the best in the series. Lord Gabriel Sharpe made a great hero type, rough around the edges but not too full of himself. Virgina was likable heroine and a good match for Gabe. This was a fun, steamy, light historical romance.

After his grandmother threatened her five grandchildren to marry within one year or be disinherited from her fortune, Gabe took the pragmatic approach to finding a bride. Out of guilt he set his eye on the lovely Virginia Waverly, little sister to a man (once Gabe's best friend) who died seven years earlier racing him. The death meant that Virginia would no longer have the financial protection that her older brother would have inherited, leaving her future uncertain at a minimum. Virginia was a perfect option for him to right a past wrong, and to also satisfy his grandmothers demand that he marry.

After the death of his closest friend, Gabe risked his own death repeatedly by racing for money. Known around London as 'The Angel of Death', he was unbeatable on the race course. He loves his family but has shied away from making any real connections with other people. Virginia cannot stand the fact the her brothers 'murderer!' has earned fame and glory, while her dear brother is dead, so she public ally challenged Gabe to a race on the same course that killed her brother.

The story line of the two racing was a bit of a farce, as were other scenes in the book, but for a light romance it actually worked well. Bottom line, if you want to cozy up with a fun, light and seductive historical romance, this one is a winner. But if you're looking for more depth, meat, and intricate plotting...well, you might want to pass on it until you're more in the mood for the former type of read.