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[Reblogged] A Brief Word on Colleen Hoover and Our Society’s Prevailing Ableism

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Having negative opinions is not a "personality flaw". We need to move beyond this ableist rubbish in all aspects of our society.


Let's think about the words we use and the impact we have. 

Thick Skin


Dorothy Parker Rocks the Review

Books: A Magic Portal

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I Haz a New Puppy!

Meet Raider, my 9 week old Norfolk Terrier black-and-tan puppy! His sister Roxie, also a Norfolk Terrier but red, is having a ball playing chase with him. He is a whopping 3 1/2 pounds of pure fun.


Snort! An Anne Rice Gem from 2004

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I Want! Sleepy Hollow Books Coming Soon!

I love this show! Plus I have a huge crush on Ichabod Crane. Now we are going to get his private journal and a novel set in Sleepy Hollow.  For more info go to http://www.sleepyreads.com


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Stop the literary vampires from sucking the lifeblood out of readers

This is such a great article by author Jason Sanford. He is concerned how 'Stop The GR Bullies' and Anne Rice are hurting the relationships between authors and readers. 


Full Article: Stop the literary vampires from sucking the lifeblood out of readers


Also, a great related blog on Goodreads: When good authors go to the dark side




ETA: Thanks 'Anon' for posting the link on the STGRB web site. Appreciate the help. :-)



Sorry JBG, it's not all about fear. That is your game, and what you try to spread to your cult following.  Your site feeds on hate, fear, and attacking others. Simply put, a good person wouldn't want to associate with that. 


(Edited to fix link to Jason's article. He re-launched his new website and the link path changed)

STGRB has been black listed by Google!!

Great news everyone!!


Stopthegrbullies.com is no longer showing up in Google search results, and it appears they have been black listed! 


The reasons are unknown, but I believe it is because they are considered a hate site and have been reported for posting illegal content repeatedly.  They may get themselves re-instated, but for now it's reason to celebrate!


To clarify: their site is still there, but anyone who uses Google will not find their website. 

Lessons in How NOT to Twitter

Facepalm!! This lesson applies to anyone looking for followers, not just authors. But those trolling for fans? Oh, don't do this!


For the full Tweet, go here: https://twitter.com/LaurenDeStefano/status/461541683004325888





What Anne Rice Deleted as "Gangster Bully" Comments



For those wondering what got deleted, here you go. Screen shots!


I haven't gone through all of the comments, and I assume more has been deleted, but you can get a real sense of what she considers "gangster bullies".   Even Jenny Trout! (WOW!) 


Most of the comments deleted were opposing views about Stopthegrbullies.com (STGRB). Apparently, she simply doesn't care that they use anonymous names, bully authors and reviewers, and play all the dirty tricks she claims to want stopped.


Oddly, there are very few pro comments about STGRB. Why is that? The exception are a few people who have been active in the STGRB all along. So if she can't listen to reason, maybe she should listen to the silence. It speaks loudly. Her fans may support stopping cyber-bullying (as do all of us), but they don't appear to be fans of STGRB either.


Screen shot #1: Full blog post 4/28/2014, early in day - many comments were later deleted

Screen shot #2: Full blog post 4/28/2014, later in day - you can see some of what got deleted


Screen shot #3: Full blog post 4/29/2014 late afternoon

Screen shot #4: Autumn Turner / Misanthropic Bibliophage  thread (1 of 2)  before it got deleted


Screen shot #5: Autumn Turner / Misanthropic Bibliophage (2 of 2)   with final comment (from me!) All deleted.


Screen shot #6: Ole Andreas Imsen comments -- also deleted



Screen shot #7: The now infamous Jenny Trout "Gangster Bully" thread -- also deleted


Screen shot #8: Comments by Elyse Shramm -- also deleted


Screen shot #9: Floras comments to Yvonne before deletion

Screen shot #10: Floras comments have been deleted, Yvonne's still there


And for some fun, do check out Smart Bitches, Trashy Books blog post:


 ETA - a list of blogs to read on this topic:


When good authors go to the dark side, by Four Little Bees Writing & Editing


Jenny Trout: Gangster Bully, by Trout Nation


Remixing Anne Rice: Gangster Boogie, Gangster Bully - Let's Rub Some Funk on It

Second Hand Bookstore Ad (I love it!)

Free Speech Public Service Announcement

The Film vs The Book

Just For Fun: How to Keep People Off the Internet. (Clever!)